I just wanted to let you know how excited we are to give this to our friend! You are an incredible artist and captured the heart of this celebration! Thank you so much! I will pass your talents around to all my friends! Just beautiful!
- Kris  
I received the bottle and it's beautiful, you're so talented! Thank you so much for taking the time creating it, messaging back and forth with me to ensure it would be correct, and for being so responsive. I'll be sure to keep it forever. All of my friends are asking where I got it done!
- Kaitlyn
The bottle for my son arrived today! It is absolutely stunning!!! I can't wait to celebrate with him.
- Meloni

Thank you for creating such an amazing gift!  As you can see in our correspondence, our Dean loved your work and deemed it too beautiful to open.  It was a wonderful experience working with you and as a new follower of yours on Instagram, I look forward to seeing your future creations and telling my friends of your many talents!
- Stephanie

Thank you so much for your incredible work on this bottle. It is one of our most treasured items!
- Lauren